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From Disparate Data to Tell-All Dashboards at Talkdesk

August 26, 2016

Inefficient data pulls to update stale Excel spreadsheets. Manual SQL queries against your production database. Data locked away in apps with unusable analytics interfaces. When you don’t have a solution for data, you fall back on slow, suboptimal tactics for accessing data, denying business users and decision makers access to the most accurate, up to date, and relevant information.

Learn how Talkdesk went from a chaotic world like the one above to being a company where people can easily explore data and quickly get a 360° view of every account. Using FiveTran and Looker, Talkdesk’s product manager was able to tie all their now-centralized data together to create a powerful and stable environment for data discovery.

From this webinar, you will learn:

  • What a centralized data store can do for you and how you can achieve that
  • Why you should be transforming your data at the time of query, not before you load it into your database
  • How one man created a company-wide data platform in one month

Watch to understand how to take control of your data and use it to drive results.

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