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Get Big Company Data on a Small Company Budget

October 18, 2019

Everyone should have access to data analytics, not just companies with deep pockets. Mashey’s data analytics Quick Start platform allows any company to get data analytics without it taking a long time or a lot of money. During this webinar, the Mashey team will guide you through the process of collecting data, cleaning it, and visualizing it in a way that allows people to make better, faster decisions. You’ll see a demo of how a modern data analytics stack is set up and how to expand it by bringing in new data sources and use cases. You’ll also learn how to leverage data analytics to drive user-adoption and create a data-driven culture.

Fighting Opioid Fraud with Data Analytics
Fighting Opioid Fraud with Data Analytics

As the opioid epidemic continues to devastate many parts of the country, identifying fraudulent activity ha...

Predictive vs Prescriptive Analytics
Predictive vs Prescriptive Analytics

Abstract: Analytics is all about course correcting the future. While this starts with accurate predict...

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