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Have you seen your data in virtual reality yet?

September 25, 2017

Looker is pushing the bounds of how people explore and share data. Imagine being able to walk through your data - now you can.

Like all things with VR, it’s difficult to understand without seeing it yourself.

Watch as Wil Gieseler and Elena Rowell of Looker perform a live demonstration of LookVR. In this webinar, you will learn:

- Which 2 dimensional visualizations translate best in VR

- What drilling into the row level details looks like

- How Looker’s data platform and API allow for endless possibilities

Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable
Making Today's Data Rapidly Consumable

The more diverse and varied data structures become, the more expensive and painful it is for legacy data wa...

Get A Complete View of Your Customer
Get A Complete View of Your Customer

Heads of Customer Support and Customer Experience have more data about their customers than ever before, bu...

Discover your data in a new way. See Looker in action.

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