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How the Right BI Can Fundamentally Change Your Organization

June 29, 2015
Self-service Business intelligence software is bringing analysts and business users together and driving the fundamental cultural shift making organizations truly data-driven. Broader access to reliable and curated data can improve business performance with top- and bottom-line impact. And more businesses are seeing this benefit as interest in self-serve BI tools grows, according to TDWI research. Join a lively panel of experts to learn about telephony provider Twilio’s own journey to becoming a data-driven organization and hear advice on both the technology and organization hurdles to getting there with BI vendor Looker and TDWI. Topics include: Trends in data access and self-service BI and analytics Value of self-service BI for IT and the business Technologies and architectures that support self-service BI and analytics Governance strategies for a data-driven organization Organizational hurdles on the road to becoming self-service and data-driven and how to overcome them
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