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Learn How to Implement Modern BI

June 3, 2020

Companies moving to the cloud see that traditional Reporting and BI applications do not fit seamlessly on cloud platforms. Together, Bitwise and Looker help organizations take advantage of new opportunities by re-developing traditional reports and visualizations into actionable insights.

Learn how Bitwise and Looker helped a global financial services company implement a modern BI strategy. The payment company was then able to help its extensive merchant user-base with a better data experience of reporting and visualization for making actionable business decisions. This resulted not only in increased global revenue, but improved performance while reducing costs as part of its enterprise cloud strategy.

Watch now to learn how Bitwise can help you implement modern BI to:

  • Improve performance
  • Control costs
  • Provide actionable insights
  • Grow revenue streams
Looker 事例ウェビナー「LookerによるLTV/ARPU/MAUを高めるためのデータ活用」
Looker 事例ウェビナー「LookerによるLTV/ARPU/MAUを高めるためのデータ活用」

オンラインでのサービスを提供している企業にとって重要な指標となるLTV(Life Time Value)、ARPU(ユーザーあたりの平均売上)やMAU(月平均ユーザー数)を維持、改善するためには、どのようなデータ活...

Encouraging Data Curiosity and User Adoption at eMoney Advisor

One of the most important pillars of a true data driven organization is user adoption. Without user adoptio...

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