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Looker on GCP - Key facts, integration and demo

August 10, 2020

Join Looker and our partner Agilexi for the first ever episode of the Google Cloud Data User Group. During the webinar we look at the implications of Google Cloud's acquisition of Looker (announced June 2019) giving it an enterprise-ready BI tooling and a cloud-native semantic layer. Agilexi introduces the Google Cloud Data Group and outlines ways in which GCP data users can get involved.You'll also learn the 3 key ways in which Looker differentiates itself from a BI and Data Science perspective. We then go through the architecture of Looker and a demo of a Retail dashboard. What is covered: • Looker's 3 key differentiators • Product integration with GCP • Live Demo of a Retail focused dashboard

Consolidating Data Processes & Building Customer Reporting at Jobvite
Consolidating Data Processes & Building Customer Reporting at Jobvite

Data is difficult to get right as one company, but when you bring four companies together, it's significant...

Looker + pixiv で実現するデータドリブンカルチャー
Looker + pixiv で実現するデータドリブンカルチャー


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