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Modern BI: The Catalyst for Intelligent Transformation

January 28, 2021

Today’s businesses move faster than ever. Rapid advances in e-commerce have changed consumer behavior, driving new expectations within the enterprise. Employees expect the same access to data and technology at work, putting pressure on corporations to evolve quickly and remain competitive. Successful companies are therefore focused on intelligent transformation.

With everything and everyone digitally connected, organizations must rethink traditional management and workforce practices. The key to success? Modern BI and Analytics! Modern BI can give your company timely and contextualized access to data that's critical for success. Moreover, it puts the focus on users and the individual problems they are trying to solve.

Register for this episode of The Briefing Room to hear Bloor Group CEO Eric Kavanagh explain the changing landscape for information strategists. He'll be joined by Josh Parenteau of Looker, who will showcase an array of innovations, including:

  • LookML, Looker’s SQL-based modeling layer, which provides more flexibility than the rigid semantic layers at the heart of the legacy BI architectures;
  • No-limits infrastructure that efficiently grows to accommodate ever-changing business needs;
  • Governance that ensures users are looking at information correctly for accurate insights; - Availability anywhere that meets users wherever and whenever they need data, whether for a dashboard, in an application, or through an automated alert;
  • Future proofing with a platform that offers an extensible framework to integrate additions to your data stack as it evolves.
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