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Power to the People: A Stack to Empower Every User to Make Data-Driven Decisions

December 6, 2016

Infectious Media runs on data. But, as an ad-tech company that records hundreds of thousands of web events per second, they have to deal with data at a scale not seen by most companies. You can not make decisions with data when people need to write manual SQL only for queries take 10-20 minutes to return. Infectious Media made the switch to Google BigQuery and Looker and now every member of every team can get the data they need in seconds.

Infectious Media will share:

- Why they chose their current stack
- Why faster data means happier customers
- Advantages and practical implications of storing and processing that much data
- More!

Campaigns to Cash: Using Data to Maximize ROI
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10 Ways to Measure Things
10 Ways to Measure Things

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