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Power up your Analytics

June 15, 2016

Modern analytics is about so much more than defining high-level KPIs and building dashboards to amplify them. To stay competitive companies need to be making better decisions with data. Actionable insights help every department. Whether it is identifying, diagnosing and remedying inefficiencies relating to core-competencies or identifying ways to strengthen the bottom line, decisions informed by data can help broaden any discussion and identify problems before they become catastrophes.

Watch as Looker, DigitalOcean, Underground Elephant and VentureBeat have a lively discussion about powering up your analytics. In this roundtable discussion we discuss how to:

- Utilize analytics to root out inefficiency

- Turn analytics into actionable insights

- Move from data theory to insight practice

- Take data from the abstract to the concrete

- Identify and solve problems faster and more efficiently

Speakers include:

- Ross Bixler, Director of Business Operations, Underground Elephant

- Robert Olson, Director of Data and Analytics, DigitalOcean

- Andrew Searson, Director of Analytics, Looker

- Jon Cifuentes, Analyst, VentureBeat

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