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The Journey to Better Sales Analytics at UpCounsel

April 22, 2016

Sales data is one of the most important and, arguably, the most customized types of data your company has. With that in mind, how could out-of-the-box reporting possibly give you everything you need?

During this webinar, we will deep-dive into the Looker customer journey of UpCounsel, the online platform that believes that users should be businesses and attorneys should be lawyers. UpCounsel will walk through their the rep specific dashboards they created with Looker and embed into Salesforce so every rep has exactly what he/she needs right in their workflow. Find out how to drive performance and behavior by exposing the right data, to the right people, at the right time in your business.

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Embedding Data and Analytics with Looker
Embedding Data and Analytics with Looker

Delivering data and analytics to your customers should be straightforward. The Looker Data Platform allows ...

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The Three Pillars of Customer Success Analytics
The Three Pillars of Customer Success Analytics

Understanding whether your customers are happy, about to cancel their contract, or somewhere in between is ...

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