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The Next Generation of Data Analytics

December 18, 2018

Data-driven business is the new norm. With the Information Economy well underway, today’s innovators are cleverly using data to steer every aspect of their business. To navigate that course, organizations need self-service environments that don’t compromise the data governance needed to keep data (and decisions) accurate. This need to maintain a single source of truth that everyone can leverage has lead to innovative new practices in analytics overall.

In this webinar we will walk you though the evolution of BI and how new technologies have paved the way for modern data platforms like Looker that can serve the data needs of an entire company. Built on today’s technology, Looker offers a balance of self-service and governance with access to a single-source of truth.

In this webinar you’ll also learn how:

• Looker leverages the revolution in database technology and migration to the cloud

• Customers like King.com, StackOverflow and Glossier rely on Looker for agility and trustworthy decision making

• Lookers architecture enables the pace and flexibility needed in today’s modern world

Advanced Analysis with Derived Tables
Advanced Analysis with Derived Tables

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Custom Visualizations
Custom Visualizations

Complex data relationships deserve powerful visualizations. Join this webinar to learn how to install, work...

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