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The Power of Smart Counting at The RealReal

March 31, 2016

Counting — the foundation for marketing analytics. While it seems simple (How many people placed orders last week?), it's often not. What’s regularly missing is speed and flexibility, causing you to wait hours or days for the data you need, or realizing you actually need that data sorted by state and having to start all over again. Suddenly, you’ve become the data analyst's worst nightmare — the marketer who always needs more.

Tune in to hear how The RealReal created a culture where everyone has access to the data they need and data is the foundation of all decisions.

The RealReal uses Looker for:

- Flexible segmentation: marketers slice and dice the raw data without hitting technical dead-ends.

- Behavior segmentation: easily identifying their healthiest customers and flagging those who are at risk.

- Segment-based campaign evaluation: use behavioral segmentation to track whether campaigns are driving the behavior you expect.

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