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Using Data to Drive Rapid Growth

December 17, 2014

EAT Club, a fast-growing and innovative food delivery service, uses analytics to successfully serve thousands of meals every day. In a market where on-time delivery and customer satisfaction are essential, data is their secret sauce. And Looker is the way EAT Club gains company-wide access to the data they need to stand out.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Alex Levy, Business Intelligence Manager at EAT Club, as he describes the analytics that are making the biggest difference in driving growth.

Using Looker, EAT Club has been able to:

- Understand user behavior and order patterns to improve forecasting accuracy by 50%. Solve logistical challenges, resulting in a 99.5% on-time delivery rate.

- Optimize their daily rotating menu, driving interest and resulting in a 10% increase in menu conversions.

- Uncover purchasing patterns and adjust product assortment based on customer preferences.

- Track individual accounts and their reviews, so they can respond directly to feedback. 

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