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When and How Data Lakes Fit into a Modern Data Architecture

February 19, 2020

Whether to take data ingestion cycles off the ETL tool and the data warehouse or to facilitate competitive Data Science and building algorithms in the organization, the data lake – a place for unmodeled and vast data – will be provisioned widely in 2020.

Though it doesn’t have to be complicated, the data lake has a few key design points that are critical, and it does need to follow some principles for success. Avoid building the data swamp, but not the data lake! The tool ecosystem is building up around the data lake and soon many will have a robust lake and data warehouse. We will discuss policy to keep them straight, send data to its best platform, and keep users’ confidence up in their data platforms.

Data lakes will be built in cloud object storage. We’ll discuss the options there as well. Get this data point for your data lake journey.

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