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When clicks meet bricks: How to empower retailers through data

For a short while, it looked like the future of retail lay solely online. However, “instore” retail isn't dead, it's evolving. With the line between high street stores and online becoming increasingly blurred, each approach is learning from the other, with data playing the key role in this merger. Access this webinar replay with Looker customer, Marks and Spencer to hear how they use data insights to manage natural language routing and real-time monitoring of their call centers processes Key Topics include: How to empower your teams to create a shop-floor-like experience for your online customers. How leading retailers leverage data to enable real-time inventory and promotional management The best practices in driving customer acquisition and loyalty behavior through data insights.

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Custom Visualizations
Custom Visualizations

Complex data relationships deserve powerful visualizations. If the story your data is telling is best expr...

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Build Impactful Dashboards

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