Accelerate Time-to-Value with a Modern Data Stack

March 15, 2017

Explosion of data has created an imperative to rapidly derive business insights

and value from data. However, the complexity of setting up and managing a

data stack pose challenges when time is of the essence. With the rapid pace of

changes in the data world, organizations need a solution that does not pigeonhole

them into a singular tool but a tech stack that brings together best-in-class

components that are agile, flexible, scalable, and built-to-last for the ever evolving

technical innovations.


Looker, Panoply and Stitch are the core tenets of a powerful technology stack

that allow organizations to quickly get up and running with a new data warehouse

instance in the cloud, ready to analyze all their data and make informed data-driven

decisions. No hardware. No data management. No overhead. Instant Value.

Counsyl Customer Story
Counsyl Customer Story

Looker Blocks for Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service
Looker Blocks for Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service