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Data drives insurance innovation for customers, agents, and partners

When you hear the phrase “insurance industry,” the first descriptions that come to mind may not be innovative and cutting edge. The engineers and data scientists at Assurance IQ are on a mission to change that.

Using a combination of advanced data science and a human touch, Assurance IQ provides customized life, health, Medicare, and auto insurance products to consumers. With this innovative online platform, insurance customers can complete their purchase independently or with the assistance of a technology-assisted live agent.

With Looker, business users gain instant access to insights that empower better, faster decision-making. As a result, Assurance IQ achieves higher sales, greater return on ad spend, and a boost in customer satisfaction.

Key Takeaways

  • Assurance IQ scales access to trustworthy data as the company grows—without needing to add analyst headcount.
  • Reduce the load on the data science team by creating a safe space for business users to explore and do their own data discovery, allowing everyone to focus on what’s most important in their role.
  • Sales managers keep numbers on track with visibility into agent performance and activity increasing lifetime value, agent conversion rates, and sales performance.
  • Increase marketing ROI by helping marketers access critical marketing data to identify and reduce spend on low-value activities.
  • Develop new data-driven experiences for partners to further differentiate themselves in the insurance market and support a more personalized customer experience.


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