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Case Study: Hipcamp

April 7, 2016

From Operations to Finance to Marketing, everyone at Hipcamp uses Looker for dynamic data discovery, fueling growth and making decisions based on all the data, not just subsets.

Using Segment to consolidate and streamline the collection of their web event data with Looker directly connected to the database,  Hipcamp could seamlessly link information across their data sources without the overhead of typical ETL processes. Once connected, Looker provided users with a centralized platform to define and access customized business metrics.

Here are a few examples of the way Hipcamp uses Looker to better understand their data:

  • Marketers can drill down into customer acquisition funnels by combining event and transactional data in Looker
  • Product developers can precisely refine the user experience
  • Finance can monitor up-to-the-minute revenue trends with a click

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