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Looker Data Apps: Gaming Analytics

May 4, 2016

Gaming companies drive success by creating engaging games that players love, which keep them returning for a long time. In today’s market, gaming companies everywhere need to understand exactly why players keep coming back. The Looker Data App for Gaming Analytics makes even the staggering amount of event and transactional data collected at gaming companies accessible and meaningful to the whole company.

With Looker, game developers can see what features are being used, level difficulty, and player lifetime value to enhance their understanding of what players love about their game. And with real-time insights, they can react quickly to fix issues and easily run A/B tests to understand the impact of new features for faster development cycles. Plus, by creating a single source of truth with Looker, the whole company can quickly and easily understand complex questions such as how feature usage by device differs by country so everyone is working toward the goal of making great games.

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