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Looker Data Apps: SaaS Analytics

May 4, 2016

For SaaS (software as a service) companies, making intelligent decisions can be the difference between becoming the market leader and shutting your doors. However, most companies have to contend with data siloed into each of the departmental tools necessary to run the business.

The Looker Data App for SaaS Analytics makes it possible to bring together all the data from each of the separate systems across your business. Compare how each marketing channel creates not just leads for the sales team, but also customers that stick around for the long term. Prevent churn by creating a custom health score to monitor how customers are using your product, their support interactions, and their reaction to customer-focused marketing campaigns. Quickly A/B test your website or features of your product and understand how these changes increase retention or create a flood of support tickets. Companies that understand the true impact of how a prospect interacts with each stage of the buying cycle and how customers then experience the product and company support can gain a significant competitive advantage in becoming the market leader. 

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