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Web Analytics

May 4, 2016

Your website acts as the face of your brand to the world. It can be the first interaction customers have with your company, a way to deliver education and content about your products, and, usually, a means to turn visitors into active customers and fans.

Understanding how your website is performing is critical, but most website analytics tools fall short. If you do not integrate the data from your advertising systems with your product and customer relationship management system, you are analyzing only a portion of the data and missing out on key connections in your website’s performance.

With the Looker Data App for Web Analytics, you can easily understand how visitors are interacting with your website, where they came from, where they end up, and whether you are succeeding in your website goals. Map user interactions on your site, decipher customer preferences and look at these characteristics through the lens of the campaign that brought them in the first place.

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