Analytics on HP Vertica

July 6, 2015

Extract full value from your Vertica data with a streamlined analytics stack and powerful Business Intelligence tool.

With Looker for HP Vertica, your analytics solution can finally meet the challenges of your big data environment. You’ll have a simplified stack for accessing your data and performing interactive queries in real time. You’ll also streamline your workflow, manage advanced analytics more effectively, and even integrate Hadoop data into your implementation.

This paper describes all that you can do with Looker for HP Vertica:

  • Transform data at query time.
  • Drill into the details of any aggregate for high-resolution insights.
  • Streamline your workflow from modern EDW to business value.
  • Extend governed data discovery functionality to anyone in the company.
  • Apply Vertica advanced statistics functions easily.
  • Deploy quickly, on-premise or in the cloud.
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