Analyzing eCommerce Data

May 4, 2016

eCommerce companies collect more data than ever before, but few are able to get real business value from that data because they struggle to get it into the hands of their team members.

Understand every aspect of your business, from how web page activities impact conversion rates to finding friction points in the customer purchasing process, so teams can take action and drive purchases.

The Looker Data App for eCommerce Analytics allows companies to seize a significant competitive advantage by providing all users with access to all the data so that anyone can analyze it. With Looker, eCommerce companies create powerful environments for analysis by combining their customer or web data with their transactional data. 

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Embedded Analytics in Action
Embedded Analytics in Action

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Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it
Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it

Understanding your customer data and creating actionable insights

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