Digital Media Analytics

May 4, 2016

Media companies are swimming in data. Every time a visitor clicks, scrolls, or hits play, more data flows in. But how do you turn all that data into meaningful insights?

Today, many media companies spend a great deal of time pulling together data from the many siloed sources that supply it. Monthly reports from comScore, customer information from Salesforce, advertising clicks from Doubleclick for Publishers, Nielsen, Google Analytics, and more.

Looker for Digital Media Analytics gives companies a holistic view of their business— from how their ads perform to content performance metrics to which product enhancements are delivering value. With Looker, you can access all your data in one place and spend your time analyzing and learning from your data, avoiding time-consuming downloads into Excel or another system.

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Analyzing eCommerce Data

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Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it

Understanding your customer data and creating actionable insights

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