Retention Analysis and the Data that Drives it

Understanding whether your customers are happy, about to cancel their contract, or somewhere in between is critical to business success. However, crafting metrics to understand customer satisfaction and the factors that drive strong retention can be an extremely difficult and tedious process. For any business, there’s a wide array of qualitative and quantitative information that should be factored into customer health analysis.


In this paper, Looker's own Chief Analytics Officer and VP of Product, Colin Zima, walks us through the value of a centralized view of all your customers, coupled with Looker’s ability to customize and operationalize meaningful metrics that bridge the gap between analysis and action. We'll explore how our customer success team uses Looker internally, highlighting our customized account health scores, our purpose-built reports, and the historical analysis we use to drive process improvements and day-to-day operations, all of which contribute to our consistently negative churn rate here at Looker.


Customer Success Analysis improves top- and bottom-line growth by helping you:


  • Retain revenue

  • Acquire new revenue

  • Cut operational costs

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Looker for Customer Success Analytics

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