JOIN 2018 - Making Predictive Data Science Operational with IBM and Looker

January 31, 2019
See how Looker and IBM work together to help customers find, use, and publish data for collaboration across the organization while also providing ability to collaboratively build, deploy, and operationalize ML models. With Looker + Watson Knowledge Catalog, Watson Studio and Db2 Warehouse on Cloud, customers can easily leverage Looker data assets in notebooks and machine learning models. This combination also provides an even greater level of control for Looker data sources with new governed data access capabilities. Learn how IBM + Looker can help your enterprise capture the value of AI and operationalize machine learning and predictive analytics. Learn more about JOIN Conferences at

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JOIN: Shake up your Data Conference Experience
JOIN: Shake up your Data Conference Experience

At JOIN 2018, over 1000 of the most innovative, forward-thinking business leaders and data enthusiasts came...