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ADV Data Pipelines in the Enterprise and Comparison

April 13, 2021

Despite the many, varied, and legitimate data platforms that exist today, data seldom lands once in its perfect spot for the long haul of usage. Data is continually on the move in an enterprise into new platforms, new applications, new algorithms, and new users. The need for data integration in the enterprise is at an all-time high.

Solutions that meet these criteria are often called data pipelines. These are designed to be used by business users, in addition to technology specialists, for rapid turnaround and agile needs. The field is often referred to as self-service data integration.

Although the stepwise Extraction-Transformation-Loading (ETL) remains a valid approach to integration, ELT, which uses the power of the database processes for transformation, is usually the preferred approach. The approach can often be schema-less and is frequently supported by the fast Apache Spark back-end engine, or something similar.

In this session, we look at the major data pipeline platforms. Data pipelines are well worth exploring for any enterprise data integration need, especially where your source and target are supported, and transformations are not required in the pipeline.

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