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Aligning Sales & Marketing with Data Experiences

September 1, 2020

Description: To unlock the full value of information, companies need solutions that transcend traditional BI and infuse data into operational workflows. Solutions that help businesses not only analyze data, but truly experience data by closing the gap between insights and action. In this session, we'll cover how Looker follows their own guidelines when it comes to data-driven marketing, focusing on how different data experiences help the marketing team build and maintain a tight relationship with sales.

Empowering a Data Driven Culture
Empowering a Data Driven Culture

In this webinar we are joined by OneFit where we discuss their data transformation journey powered by Looke...

Unlocking Insights at Scale with Looker + BigQuery
Unlocking Insights at Scale with Looker + BigQuery

In an era of free-to-play monetization models and multiplayer real time games, data is the lifeblood of you...