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Delivering Actionable Data to Executives

October 23, 2020

The tone for a data-driven company must come from the top. Executives who are empowered with data can make better and faster decisions, and that empowerment stems from strong analytics & BI teams. During this session, Tamar Gordon, Senior Manager, Business Operations & Analytics at Papaya, will review everything you need to know about delivering data to executives -- including how to create Executive dashboards and presentations that engage your audience before, during and after your presentation. In this webinar, you’ll hear: - How do you prepare to put together a presentation or dashboard to an Executive Leadership Team - Best practices for content creation, including how much data to share, how to share it, and a few tips and tricks for engagement - Specific Looker features & tips you can leverage.

Data Analysis for Everyone
Data Analysis for Everyone

Jen Bennett, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud cloud.google.com/looker

Forecasting Future Outcomes with Google Cloud, Looker and Clario
Forecasting Future Outcomes with Google Cloud, Looker and Clario

Are you harnessing the power of big data to reveal insights about your customers, their purchases, and the ...