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Forecasting Future Outcomes with Google Cloud, Looker and Clario

October 12, 2020

Are you harnessing the power of big data to reveal insights about your customers, their purchases, and the marketing that drove them to make that purchasing decision? Customer-Centric SaaS Marketing vendor, Clario, is using a combination of Google BigQuery ML + Looker to do just that. Watch this discussion with Matt Redlon, CEO of Clario as they share insights on how they’ve been able to: Collect real-time customer and event data for their clients Integrate massive volumes of data (natively in BigQuery) into 360 customer view Use ML to attribute purchases to customer and marketing activities Predict customer lifetime value for their clients Empower clients to quickly build ML models, even with limited data science expertise Create highly targeted, automatically refreshed, ML modeled audiences for customer activation in a variety of platforms

Delivering Actionable Data to Executives
Delivering Actionable Data to Executives

The tone for a data-driven company must come from the top. Executives who are empowered with data can make ...

Data-Driven Advertising: Visualizing Ad Performance
Data-Driven Advertising: Visualizing Ad Performance

Speakers: Tom Yeager, Customer Marketing Analytics Manager, Looker Connor Sparkman, Marketing Analytics Man...