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From Metabase to Looker in 60 Days

July 7, 2021

Join Looker, Verse and CIS for this webinar to discover the lessons learned during a migration project from Metabase to Looker and more. Smart businesses know that trusting in their data drives success. Consistent with this goal, the time arrived for Verse, the global payments technology startup, to scale their analytics architecture and unlock the potential of a modern self service data platform that could allow all members of their organization to get answers to important business questions.

Verse found in Looker the perfect tool to upgrade their data stack and move toward a more data-driven culture. They also found an ally in CIS to help tackle the challenge of migrating from an old to a new data platform. Together they had to overcome the risks of working without a data dictionary, develop mature metrics to address new business needs and plan for a successful rollout throughout the organization.

What is covered:

  • Looker Approach to Data Analytics
  • Overcoming challenges during the migration
  • Joining forces with an extended team
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