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Modern BI & the Power of Data Experiences

December 10, 2020

"What an experience!" That's what customers and partners keep saying as innovators leverage the power of data in action. The use cases run the gamut of human imagination: from optimized supply chains in the COVID era, to dynamic pricing for high-performing adverts; from custom retail experiences, to new revenue streams via Data-as-a-Service.

Register for this episode of Future Proof to hear Chief Analyst, Dr. Robin Bloor, explain how this new trend in data closes the loop on nearly 40 years of data innovation. He'll be joined by Josh Parenteau and Elena Rowell of Looker, who will showcase their company's newest release, which opens the door to the next generation of data products and services.

Attendees will learn:

  • How an in-product marketplace allows customers to deploy pre-built models, applications, integrations, plug-ins, data sources, and custom visualizations
  • Why a closed-loop Slack integration can facilitate greater collaboration by delivering data insights from Looker directly into Slack conversations
  • How a new SQL runner enables visualizations for data-in-motion, thus allowing analysts to understand raw data on-the-fly
  • How a Kubernetes engine can 'Future Proof' analytics, by enabling a range of multi-cloud hosting choices, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure clouds
Modern BI: The Catalyst for Intelligent Transformation
Modern BI: The Catalyst for Intelligent Transformation

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