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Spireon's Journey Away From BI to a Data Platform

July 8, 2021

Old approaches to BI don’t work for today’s infrastructure, applications, and expectations. Businesses need to maintain agility while supporting different applications because these organizations are managing new sources of data, with growth outpacing staff and systems.
For years, we’ve pulled sales, marketing, operations, infrastructure, and finance data into analytics platforms to provide direction and drive collaboration. The best way to maintain the myriad of data applications is to incorporate a data platform where you can analyze all of your data in real time and take action on that data without flipping between dozens of applications.

Join Spireon and BytecodeIO as we discuss about how Spireon is launching their next generation analytics platform. We’ll also detail transformation to a data platform that emphasizes data cleanliness, collaboration and drives deeper insights through Alooma, Snowflake, and Looker.

We will discuss:

  • Why Spireon is leveraging Looker + Snowflake to accelerate time-to-market and win in a competitive marketplace
  • How Bytecode IO and Spireon worked to enable a custom dashboard experience for every one of their customers
  • How to develop an easy-to-navigate experience to add, edit and customize reports on every dashboard
  • What we learned on our journey and advice for others looking to deliver valuable insights to their customers with Looker and Snowflake
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